• 26 years in the industry

We are what today's independent supermarket
chains need to become more competitive

The private label “Calidad es Primer Precio” (Quality means Primer Precio) was created to meet the needs of local and regional independent supermarket chains to stock their shelves with more affordable products in order to improve their competitiveness and build customer loyalty.

That is how we decided to cover all the basic consumer spending needs of a household, offering the best value for money.

Launched in 1998, Primer Precio Group adopted the vision of two regional supermarket chains: Cooperativa Obrera from Bahía Blanca and Supermercados Toledo from Mar del Plata. Today, the group has 26 partners.

  • Mission

    Our purpose is to give local and regional independent supermarket chains the chance to work together as equals and to have the same marketing tools as major domestic and foreign chains, increasing business competitiveness and profitability.

    We achieve this goal by way of partnership as the philosophy and driving force of our group.

    Confident that today’s independent businesses cannot continue to operate in isolation, we offer supermarket industry players to become partners of our group and benefit from a wide selection of products with the best value for money.

  • Vision

    We aim to be the first purchasing and services center in the Argentine territory with a private label shared among local and regional independent supermarket chains, so as to allow them to compete with the major groups that operate in the industry.

    We know that independent supermarkets play a key role in the cities where they operate. We are convinced that the only way to survive and consolidate as independent supermarkets is to join other chains through business partnerships in order to better balance the power relation that exists with major players in the supermarket industry.

    By integrating a high quality and low-priced private label into their business strategy, we will help our partners become more competitive and gain additional benefits to build customer loyalty.

  • Values


    Our ultimate responsibility is towards our partners that incorporate the brand “Calidad es Primer Precio” and consider it their own. That is why we ensure clear communication and direct access to relevant information about how our group works and the quality of the products manufactured by our suppliers.

    We are committed to consolidating a relationship based on transparency, building trust and loyalty in our group. We are aware that this is a key value inside a purchasing group of independent businesses for creating clear and long-lasting business dynamics.


    Partnerships are the essence of Primer Precio Group – all of our partners, employees and suppliers are committed towards achieving common objectives.

    We know not only how to listen, but also how to act in a way that we are all satisfied. However, we need the commitment of all members towards the group and the brand in order to create true work dynamics.


    We encourage our partners, suppliers and consumers to be a part of our value proposal.

    After years of experience in the supermarket industry, we have learned that co-participation consolidates the relationships between members and adds value to the products and services we provide.

  • Welcome letter

    Dear partner, supplier and visitor,

    Welcome to the new website of Primer Precio Group.

    This means of communication is intended to provide ongoing information to our partners and suppliers, the major players of the retail sector and particularly businesses interested in knowing us better and joining our organization. We hope this proves to be useful to understand our work philosophy and learn about the benefits of belonging to our group. We are confident that you will find on our website valuable information about our company and its products and services.

    True to its mission to increase the competitiveness of our partners, Primer Precio Group offers, by means of its online purchasing center, direct access to our products, without intermediaries, from manufacturers to distributors. Its biggest challenge is to provide the best purchase, marketing, services and supply conditions to a network of over 550 supermarkets.

    As a future partner or supplier, belonging to our organization means being part of a group with strong values based on transparency as a management model, commitment as work dynamics, participation to add value, innovation as a means of progress, quality as the cornerstone of our proposal and, lastly, bargaining power to increase competitiveness.

    Set up in 1998, our organization reflects the vision of some regional supermarket chains in Argentina to work together through a shared private label in order to gain competitiveness. After two years, this project was consolidated by means of two businesses from the country’s interior:

    Cooperativa Obrera from Bahía Blanca and Supermercados Toledo from Mar del Plata. As a result of this consolidation, the company Primer Precio SA was born in 2001.

    Over these 26 years, we have managed to secure our place in the industry and expand by incorporating several independent supermarket chains throughout the country, relying on partnership as the philosophy and driving force of our group.

    We feel committed to our current partners and suppliers in this journey of strengthening independent businesses. We understand that business partnerships are part of the natural evolution of independent supermarkets to balance the power relation with major players in the retail sector.

    Together, we will absorb the changes in the major consumer and distribution sectors in order to better meet their expectations. Together, we will continue consolidating our path that has allowed us to become a purchasing and services center based on a private label.

    We invite you to join our exciting and ambitious integration project.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you!
    Kind regards,

    Jean Michel Aiach
    CEO of Primer Precio S.A.

Calidad es Primer Precio.
A “turnkey” private label

Identification of needs in the market
and the supermarket shelves

Selection of suppliers
and bargaining



Conception of
design and packaging

Direct logistics from
plant to supermarket

Product marketing
through website

Ongoing marketing
and sales counseling

Calidad es Primer Precio

Our brand “Calidad es Primer Precio” covers segments of quality products, with low prices.

Its strength relies on 4 essential pillars that enable us to build a
reliable and long-lasting relationship with partners and consumers.

  • Prices

    Lower prices for each product category, compared with similar quality products.

  • Quality

    Quality control that conforms to the requirements of Argentine and Mercosur standards.

  • Packaging

    Attractive packaging that complies with regulations on nutritional information and composition.

  • Assortment

    A large selection of products to provide consumers with savings opportunities in all sectors and for each product category.

26 years of experience connect us
to our partners and consumers

  • 1998 First partnership

    Creation of the Primer Precio project and its
    private labels “Calidad es Primer Precio”

    First partnership with two strategic partners
    Cooperativa Obrera and Supermercados Toledo

  • 2001

    Creation of Primer Precio S.A.

    Incorporation of
    new partners

  • 2024

    We continue to grow

850 product items

26 partners

120 providers

550 points of sale across the country

202 cities covered across Argentina

Only for 2023, the brand “Calidad es Primer Precio” is equivalent to more than 100 Million products sold throughout Argentina.