Quality is at
the core of our brand

We pay close attention to
the quality we offer.

We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers regarding the products we offer.

We guarantee that our products comply with the quality standards of Argentina and Mercosur.

To achieve this goal, we follow an internal protocol for product control, from their conception to their presence at points of sale.

Data sheet

The physicochemical properties of our products are detailed on a data sheet.


We make sure that our products conform to established standards.


We perform consumer testing to assess the quality of our products.


Audits are performed on our suppliers regarding their policies on good manufacturing, health and safety practices.

Quality Control

Our products are regularly tested in our own Quality Control Lab, set up with state-of-the-art technology, which enables us to perform controls with absolute precision to ensure consistent quality for the various items that reach the homes of our consumers.

Double quality

The audits performed on the processing plants of our suppliers and tests carried out in our own lab allow us to guarantee that our products conform to the best quality and safety standards.

Our providers are also strategic partners

Our relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers is close and permanent. Together, we work in active collaboration to create a continuous flow of mutually beneficial transactions.

Thanks to their competence and experience, we succeed in ensuring the quality, price, continuity and variety of our products.

How we select our suppliers and manufacturers

We select them according to four variables that we consider to be decisive:

Standards and certifications: They teach us the degree of reliability and quality of our suppliers’ processing plants.

Value for money: Products of similar quality and with a price differential with respect to leading brands.

Production: Good productive capacity to meet the needs of our group.

Logistics: Good logistical organization across the country.

How we manage to maintain competitive pricing without sacrificing quality

Volume allows us to maintain an adequate value for money. Our group volumes are attractive for any supplier and help strengthen such value for money.

How we manage to deliver products at the best price

We work together with our suppliers to find the most effective supply solutions. There is no point in achieving an adequate value for money if our products do not reach the supermarket shelves in a timely manner. That is why we have developed a logistics engineering scheme together with our suppliers and partners to minimize the impact of transportation costs on the goods.