• 26 partners

  • 550 points of sale

Being a partner of Primer Precio
means sharing the same vision

Being a partner of Primer Precio purchasing center means understanding the evolution of the supermarket industry, grasping the needs of today’s consumers and accepting those changes to adapt to new ways of managing the business.

“Calidad es Primer Precio” is a private label that offers the best value for money. It enables local and regional independent supermarket chains to add value to their business, by meeting consumer needs of accessing low-priced products without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of
being a Partner

“A private label is not a trend, but a marketing tool that serves to strengthen your business.”

Jean Michel Aiach.
CEO of Primer Precio S.A.

The main goals of Primer Precio, a leading purchasing center with its own private label in Argentina, targeting independent supermarkets, are to provide their Partners with modern and effective marketing tools.

In the short term, we seek, on the one hand, to improve our associates’ competitive position and, on the other hand, to optimize business profitability.

Ready to boost your business?

Find out why becoming a Partner is key to achieving an efficient and innovative management. Being part of Primer Precio Group with the brand “Calidad es Primer Precio”.

6 key benefits versus:

Leading domestic and foreign chains

Improving your competitiveness and avoiding a price war, sacrificing profitability.

The competition

Standing out from the competition with a solid private label and a wide selection of products with the best value for money.


Increasing your bargaining power, consolidating purchasing volumes through the group.


Creating an image of affordable prices to build customer loyalty.

The concentration of the main market players

Incorporating a buying group and an online platform to benefit from a private label, business opportunities and logistics solutions.

The paradigm shifts of the industry

Relying on sales and marketing counseling from a team of professionals specialized in business strategies for supermarkets.

We work with entrepreneurs seeking
business partnerships to strengthen their business

Primer Precio Partners are driven by the same challenges:
Adapting to change and consolidating their business.

To achieve this, they are willing to become part of a network
of entrepreneurs sharing the same approach:
Coming together to be stronger.

Partners are also motivated by a set of values, principles
and economic traits.

Who can be a Primer Precio Partner?

  • A family business seeking transformation
  • A purchasing group that needs consolidating
  • A local or regional supermarket chain that is well known in the industry or a market leader
  • Entrepreneurs:
    • Considering that becoming a Partner does not mean losing their independence
    • Pursuing the clear goal of taking their business to the next level
    • Seeking to revamp the image of their supermarket chain
    • Being able to fit in a purchasing group and introduce a private label into their business strategy.

Do you identify yourself
with these entrepreneurs?

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Every day we look to extend our proposal based on the needs
of our Partners. With that in mind, we provide various services.

Private label

A wide selection of over 850 products with the best value for money.


How to implement a private label into your business strategy.


Seasonal group purchases, parties, imports, etc.


Purchase of supplies for own preparation and internal consumption.